Multi-tier warehouse storage, shelving and racking solutions

To maximise use of every cubic meter of your available storage area and every meter of height, a multi-tier storage structure offers a most ideal efficient and cost-effective solution.

Acorn Warehouse Solutions can design, deliver and install multi-tier structures of 2, 3 and 4 tiers of shelving or racking, with integrated mezzanine floor, stairs, lifts, walkways and conveyors. Our multi-tier storage solutions have been shown to deliver up to 70% more storage capacity from an existing warehouse footprint.

Multi-tier storage is the ideal solution for storage, picking and packing of large numbers of components and small product items from multiple shelf locations.

Maximum versatility
The key to multi-tier storage – whether racking or shelving – is its versatility and modularity.

Floors and suspended walkways can be placed at the required level, and additional tiers of extra storage can be added (if installed correctly) meaning that multi-tier solutions can grow as your storage requirements grow.

Importantly, money can be saved in the long-run by designing your multi-tier storage solution for future as well as current anticipated growth.

Health and safety vs functional and efficient

When we design your multi-tier storage solution, Acorn Warehouse Solutions will take statutory regulations into account and build in the necessary features such as fire escapes, fire detection and protection, electrical installation. Flooring, decking and staircase locations will meet both practical and safety requirements and all materials will be appropriate for use and certified whether timber or steel planking or just open steel flooring.

Customised around your warehouse needs

As you want to make the best use of your available vertical storage, it’s important that your 2, 3 or 4 tier storage solution is equipped with the right accessories. These can include a range of features which will be designed into the overall solution according to your specification, and can include functional accessories such as lifts, conveyors, hoists, walkways and staircases and safety features such as netting, handrails, gates, safety guards and fire-retardant flooring.

Access to all levels by forklift or pallet truck can be specified at the outset of the project, as can picking and packing areas, office facilities and other features such as lighting and heating/cooling.

For a fast quote on your multi-tier storage system contact Acorn Warehouse Solutions. Or for help designing your warehouse layout, speak to one of our Warehouse Design Specialists on 01799 532024.