Mobile Shelving – A Smarter Storage Solution

High-density storage – up to 300% more space than traditional solutions

Mobile Shelving is a space saving alternative to traditional fixed shelving because they remove the need for aisles and use the full height of your office.

Our high-density systems give you much more capacity than traditional filing cabinets or shelves allowing you to store far more.

You can also store and retrieve much more than just archive files; stock, samples, books, artefacts and other items can all be easily accommodated.

This means you can use more of your valuable office space more profitably, giving you room to fit more staff into the same space and make your office more productive.

It also means your business can grow without you needing to take on more expensive floor space.

So you get 100% more storage than static shelving and 300% more than traditional four-drawer filing cabinets.

Our solutions come in light, medium and heavyweight sizes depending on the size of your storage area.

Small office and high street retail light weight mobile shelving

Request a quote for light duty mobile shelving for smaller storage areas

Our light duty mobile shelving system offers is perfect for small offices and retail back-of-shop storage.

  • Ideal for small offices and in-shop retail stock storage
  • For increasing storage capacity by 60–90%
  • Fast installation – no disruption to your business
  • Tracks laid and fixed directly to the existing flooring
  • Simple to maintain and operate
  • Maximum Bay Load                   250kg*
  • Maximum Base Load                 750kg*
  • Maximum Base Length             3.6m
  • Maximum Base Depth               1.2m

*Uniformly Distributed Load

Larger office and retail park medium weight mobile shelving

Request a quote for medium duty mobile shelving for larger storage areas

The medium duty mobile shelving system is perfect for everyday storage of files, small archives as well as stock in larger retail units. It’s versatile and so it can be tailored to meet your needs.

  • Ideal for larger offices and larger retail stock storage
  • Choice of decorative end panels
  • Push/pull, hand wheel-driven or FollowMe electric drive systems
  • Locking options available for added security
  • Combine with track systems to fit any floor
  • Modular construction – move or extend as your business develops
  • Maximum Bay Load                   500kg*
  • Maximum Base Load                 5,000kg*
  • Maximum Base Length             7.2m
  • Maximum Base Depth               1.2m

*Uniformly Distributed Load

Large depot and warehouse mobile shelving

Request a quote for heavy duty mobile shelving for larger warehouse storage areas

Our heavy duty mobile shelving system makes lets you make maximum use of even the biggest spaces. It easily combines with all our other shelving systems to create a modular and scalable largescale storage solution.

  • Fits any environment with the choice of a selection of optional decorative end panels
  • Choose push/pull, hand wheel-driven or FollowMe electric drive systems
  • Security locking options available for added security
  • Combine with track systems to fit any floor
  • Maximum Bay Load                   1,000kg*
  • Maximum Base Load                 20,000kg*
  • Maximum Base Length             15m
  • Maximum Base Depth               1.5m single base
  • 3m double base

*Uniformly Distributed Load

Options and add-ons

Once you’ve selected the mobile shelving solution for your business, you can customise it to your specific needs.

End and back panels: Customize your optional end panels to complement the decor of the surrounding environment with a range of acrylic, steel, melamine, fabric or graphic panels

Graphic panels: Use your corporate graphics and images by covering individual units or the whole width of a mobile unit

Drive systems: Choose from button-operated electronic control, manually assisted hand-wheel driven, and simple push/pull systems (light duty system only) that glide effortlessly along the floor tracks.

Locking: To keep your documents secure and protect high-value items we offer a range of solutions to immobilise your mobile shelving once closed. Aisle Safety Lock is fitted as standard on all hand-wheel-driven systems.

Track design: depending on the type of floor in your storage facility we have a range of fixed and non-fixed track options for various floor types and levels of evenness.

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